It is 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One. Many of the effects of the Spellplague have finally subsided, yet many of the monsters still roam the lands. However, in the bustling Kingdom of Auckney things are peaceful.

On the surface, at least.

Goblin attacks have been more frequent as of late, as if something is stirring up their presence. Five adventurers have found themselves thrown together to save the farmers of Auck and their crops.

Recently, the goblin uprising has been quelled, thanks to the adventurers. Afterwards, they decided to take on the prestigious task of guarding Max Ahriman’s scrimshaw wagon as it makes its way to the Settlement of Windvale.

The adventurers were hired to clean out some kobolds near Windvale. While there, they discovered a much larger threat to Windvale than some marauding kobolds: a white dragon named Innyophet had made lair nearby!

The adventurers defeated the white dragon and claimed their reward from the nobleman in charge of the town. Then they returned back to Auckney to find they were needed for another job.

They were tasked with checking on some strange noises that were coming from the local graveyard.

As it turned out the graveyard was being used by some servants of Araunt. They lost a member and picked up a new one, then dispatched the threat.

Now they are on a jouney to Waterdeep to deliver a message.

Current Location: Near Neverwinter.

Matts Forgotten Realms

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