Matts Forgotten Realms

The Game is Afoot

Goblins? Near MY town?

In the northwestern part of Faerûn, near The Spine of the World, lies a bustling city of Auckney. Normally, this town is fairly sleepy: it’s not the trade hub that Baldur’s Gate or Waterdeep is, and it’s not the cesspool that Luskan has become. However, recently, the surrounding farmlands have been suffering attacks that are goblinoid in nature.

The Mayor, Beggoty Nornthornon, has recently instructed one of the guard captains to find some able-bodied adventurers and set them about investigating this menace. The Guard Captain happened to find a motley crew that fit the job in the local bar, the Black Stallion Pub. The group consisted of a Half-Elf that made residence in the town by the name of Varis, an Eladrin wizard named Azariel, a wandering swordmage Genasi named Le-Lani, and a noble Dragonborn Paladin named Zarn Kallor.

He offered the group 100 gold pieces to investigate the attacks and stop them. They were also instructed to bring back evidence of their job’s completion. They did some digging around for info and got a fantastic lead: A farmer in the bar had lost everything the night before to one of the raids and led the adventurers straight to his farm, where they discovered footprints leading north to an old outpost.

Meanwhile, a Teifling Rogue by the alias Caenith found himself near Auckney looking for a farmer that supposedly had some information regarding a magic ring. His contact had been murdered and his estate pillaged by some goblins and Caenith had tracked them to the same outpost.

The two parties descended upon the outpost looking for vengance, fame, loot and a good story…



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