Matts Forgotten Realms

Adventure #2! (and Melee #4!)

They keep rollin' rollin' rollin'...

The next morning, the adventurers met for breakfast. There was a sudden bacon shortage, however, since a certain dragonborn decided to eat almost all of it, so the crew had to settle for house specials and – in Le-Lani’s case – special orders. Le-Lani presented the new job to the group: escort a merchant wagon belonging to Max Ahriman to Windvale. It was easy enough, and the pay was good. After finishing breakfast, they headed over to the Queen’s Inn to find Max since that was where he was staying.

Instead, they found out that he had already gone to eat breakfast. Le-Lani took that opportunity to storm back over to the Pub in search of him. The rest stayed and gathered that he left for breakfast much earlier and was probably already in the Merchant’s district, peddling his wares. Le-Lani got the same information from the owner of the pub. They all met up in the Merchant’s district and were greeted by a cacophony of sounds: merchants shouting and selling their wares, people bartering and animals – ones on sale or otherwise – making noises! Luck was with them, however: the first merchant they came across pointed them to the right direction whilst selling Le-Lani a beautiful scarf (at this point, she wandered off into the market to admire the wares available).

The rest of the group met up with Max and were directed to meet him that night in the Pub and they’d talk then. When the appointed time came, they did meet Max in the pub. They also met his wife, Mirriam and his son, Phillip. They agreed to help the merchants out and decided to meet up at the east gate at the end of the tenday. When that day came, they gathered up and set out.

The first day’s travel was fairly easy. It was a cool day with no troubles. That night, however, disaster struck. While Caenith and Varis were on watch, they heard a loud animal noise and went to investigate. A few minute’s walk from the camp led them to a pitiful sight: a bear had its leg trapped in a bear trap! Varis acted quickly, removing the bear’s leg from the vicious iron contraption while Caenith scouted the area. It was apparent that humans had been here, but no further searching was deemed necessary. Varis cleaned and dressed the bear’s wound and provided it with some food. The two adventurers then let the bear go about his way and returned to the camp. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

The next day saw the adventurers earning their pay. About midday a bandit stopped the caravan and demanded pay for him and his band for clearing the roads of giants. He demanded 300 gold pieces, but the group didn’t want to pay that much. They talked him down to 175 pieces, or almost did until the bandit lost his temper and demanded the full 300. At this point, Le-Lani did a little negotiating of her own with the business end of her sword. The adventurers were outnumbered and beginning to get pressed when the bear from earlier joined the fray on the adventurer’s side and began mauling bandits! The day was won and the group made it safely to Windvale, where they recieved the rest of their pay and a little extra, too!



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