Matts Forgotten Realms

Into the Dungeon

Yipping Kobolds and Powdery Traps

The crew split up once they got into the town: some went to get dinner, others to shop, and some to just explore the town. Varis and Caenith overheard some juicy gossip while they were wandering: apparently the night watch had seen some small, shadowy forms darting about just outside of the perimeter of the wall’s lights. When they asked the guard captain about it, he told them that the leader of the city was going to make a formal request to local adventurers to clean up the pests before it became a problem.

Caenith, Varis and Azariel were led by the guard captain to Sherman Gaff’s mansion in the middle of town. Sherman met with the three and shed some more light on the situation: apparently the small creatures were Kobolds, little lizard-like creatures with a penchant for worshipping dragons, and they hadn’t caused any trouble – yet. However, like goblins and orcs, Kobolds were seen as a bane on nature. Sherman offered the party 500 gold pieces to eliminate the threat and even provided a 200 gold piece advance (which didn’t seem like enough to a certain rogue). The adventurers agreed to take on the task and set out to find the two missing party members.

Le-lani was found walking around with Phillip in the market area and Zarn was found later. They gathered, shared their findings and agreed that it would be a fun way to pass the tenday until Max would be ready to go. The party decided they would leave first thing in the morning.

The next day they gathered at the northern gate (Varis met them outside of the gate with his bear, Grizz). Phillip caught up to the group and explained that he wanted to go along, as helping his dad sell scrimshaw was not nearly as exciting as fighting. The party at first had no desire to babysit but Le-lani convinced them otherwise. Begrudgingly, the other members agreed and they set out.

Varis searched for the trail of the kobolds for a few hours before picking up on it and tracking them down. They got to a clearing and faced off against a small scouting group of the creatures and their stormclaw scorpion pet. The advance group were put down handily, and the party found the trail to the cave the monsters were making their lair.

They carefully entered and let Caenith take point. Hubris befell him and he stumbled directly into a simple Kobold trap: he was covered in a bag of flour which made him much easier to hit! However, quick-acting Le-lani used a new ability and switched places with him. After a few terrifying moments of combat, the attacking Kobolds and their pet stirge were put down, leaving the adventurers in a large cavern with two paths ahead of them…



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