Matts Forgotten Realms

Glossing Over What Happened


The Characters cleared out the cave and went to alert Sherman Gaff about the dragon problem. He contracted them to kill the dragon. As they left, they found that Phillip was in too much trouble with his father to join them, so they had to do it without his help. They started systematically clearing out the old manor’s basement where the beast made it’s lair until they were three rooms in. Then Phillip ended up joining with them anyways. They met up with the White Dragon Innoyphet and began the fight. Caenith took a nasty blow that sent him into a near-death experience, but Zarn brought him back. They slew the dragon and got Sherman to send his men out to bring back the corpse. They used scales and teeth from the corpse to adorn their weapons and armor.

They escorted Max Ahriman back to Auckney (and tangled with an odd hobgoblin troupe along the way) and parted company with him when they arrived. A few days of rest followed and they were called upon by the Mayor of Auckney to do a service for the kingdom. Recently there had been a growing number of reports of odd sightings and odd sounds coming from the nearby graveyard used by the town. They were told to just observe and see if they could locate the source of the disturbance.

They found a break in the fence surrounding the graveyard and fresh tracks near it, and they saw a specter appear in the graveyard and leave through the break in the fence. When they went back to report to the Mayor, he sent them to the King. He told them that they were to investigate further, but had to take an expert with them. They were to go and request a brother from the Order of Kelemvore in the nobles district. They arrived at the Order which was nothing more than a decrepit-looking house in the fancy nobles district and talked with the Order’s leader who assigned the greenhorn Accolyte Mark to them. However, Brother Dessent had an objection to that and demanded to go. Being the senior in the order next to the head of the Order, he was granted permission. Dessent Saint Bertrow escorted the team to the crypt. When they got inside they immediately fought some skeletons and a spider that were waiting to ambush anyone unlucky enough to enter the crypt. As soon as they were finished, a dwarf named Thoris who worked with the guard approached them and told Zarn that his presence was needed with his order and that he would be taking over. Thoris and the group descended lower into the crypt, cleaning out the roaming undead and destroying summoning circles until they got the the last room where the kings and royalty of Auckney were buried. There they found a large group of hobgoblins worshiping an entity called Araunt. Dessent distracted the leader and was knocked unconcious by him, but his act allowed Le-lani, Caenith, and Thoras to take him down. Varis pelted the enemies with arrows until he was taken down by a hobgoblin archer, but he was revived by Azarial. Azarial’s Flaming Sphere spell proved to be the MVP of the fight, systematically cooking hobgoblin after hobgoblin. Once the battle was won, the group reported to the king and he explained what Dessent had found in the crypt: the Eminence of Araunt had caused the disturbance and new seals and wards needed to be placed on the crypt to keep this from happening again. Meanwhile, the party was to escort Thoras on the road as he delivered a message to The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult “Dagger” Neverember. The journey was going to take 15 days and the party split up to make preparations. A significant act of kindness left Le-lani with a pretty new ring…



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