Matts Forgotten Realms

Kobold Home Cave

Where the Kobolds hide...

Nothing tastes worse than death.

After searching the cavern for loot and lopping off the Kobold’s heads, the group had a choice ahead of them: either take the left path or the right path. After a short deliberation, they chose the left path. A few moments later and they had a marching order with Caenith leading the way.

Caenith is an adept trapfinder (although the characters would probably tell you differently. He was scouting about 20 feet ahead of the party and was around a bend in the tunnel, looking out for traps when he heard a soft click. Moments later, the party heard a loud crash, like the sound of rocks falling hard, and then silence. They rushed ahead to see what had happened and found a large pile of rocks with a tail poking out of it and a cavern just up ahead with a dim glow emanating from it. Caenith had been caught in another Kobold trap, only this time he wasn’t so lucky! The rocks had crushed the life from his poor body.

Le-lani, Phillip, Varis and Zarn immediately began digging him out, and when he was exposed, Zarn used his Lay on Hands ability to bring the teifling back from the brink. A few minutes of rest (and a handful of healing surges) later, the group was ready to go. Up ahead, a few of the adventurers spotted kobold shapes skulking about in the dim light. They rushed in an engaged the monsters in combat.

The battle went well with Azariel using his flaming sphere spell to herd kobolds around the cavern and Phillip using one of his abilities to smash a kobold into the rolling ball of fire at one point. Everyone performed admirably and the battle was soon won. When the group searched the room they found that the kobold that Phillip had knocked into the flaming sphere was wearing magical bracers that caused a wielded melee weapon to catch fire and deal extra damage on a particularly well-placed hit. Zarn was voted the person most needing the bracers and he donned them.

The party moved on into the next room (keeping an eye out for traps along the way) and found a low, dug out room crawling with kobolds and the fight began again. This battle moved a little slower than the previous one had due to many of the character’s daily abilities being exhausted. One kobold managed to call in reinforcements and alert whatever was in the next room. When the monsters were put down, the group gathered at the back of the room to look into the next area.

In that grand room were five creatures: two dog-sized green drakes with orange fins on their backs, two Kobold Dragonshields and a cackling Kobold Wyrmpriest. Zarn, able to speak the language of the kobolds, attempted to parlay with the wyrmpriest. While mostly unsuccessful, he did uncover one troubling bit of information: these kobolds were worshiping a White Dragon by the name of Innyophet! And as soon as Zarn relayed the information to the rest of the group, Le-lani again decided that the time for discussion had come to an end and it was time for action. The party charged into the fray with the plan to keep the wyrmpriest alive long enough to discern Innyophet’s location.

The guard drakes lived up to their roll as guardians and took down Zarn a few moments into the battle. Phillip dispatched one Guard drake and, after being revived by Varis, promptly slew the other guard drake. At that point, all bets were off and the melee was joined in full. The Wyrmpriest ended up being cornered and drew in a huge breath of air which it fully intended to use to unleash its dragonbreath power. Unfortunately the only thing that came out were coughs and sputters. It was promply stabbed to death.

The adventurers searched the cavern and found wrapped up in a sack on a stick several gold pieces and a gem. Upon further investigation they found a crudely drawn map of the area depicting the Settlement of Windvale, the cave they were currently in and to the north of the settlement another area. Zarn deciphered the runes on the map and determined that the dragon Innyophet lived in the northern mark. Also, he discovered that the beasts were going to descend upon the town at the end of the tenday which was only 7 days away!

The party decided to clean up the other branch of the cave and then return to the town to warn Sherman Gaff and maybe pick up another job…



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