Matts Forgotten Realms

Melee #1!

Where metal, spells and flesh meet!

The four adventurers spied the goblin camp and made plans to sneak in and get a jump on the fight, but Le-Lani had other plans. When the goblins were alerted to the foursome’s presence, they joined in the fray. Azariel’s spells were put to good use, shaping the battlefield to keep the goblins from swarming on Le-Lani and Zarn while Varis kept the pressure on with his arrows.

Near the back of the outpost a few more goblins – one with a crossbow – joined the fray. Luckily, Caenith joined in at that moment, flanking the goblins and breaking their ranks. Once the small squad of goblins had been demolished, the five heroes conversed and decided that it would be mutually beneficial if they joined forces for the time being. They discovered more goblins below the tower and a new goblin, a Hexer. The fight was joined again, only this time primarily by Zarn and Le-Lani. They wiped out the goblins below the tower, gathered whatever goods they could (such as good vintage wine and some of the farmer’s person effects) and the set off towards town to inform the Guard Captain of the goblin’s eradication.


Good job Matt. I appreciate the work your putting into this. I like the fact that this is here so when I miss things I can still see whats going on. Sorry about not being there last game. Heard Kevin missed too. That blows. Anyway dude what all went down? Let me know.

Melee #1!

Yeah Matt, This is even cooler than you made it sound.

Melee #1!

“blank month and day” 1479 DR

Come across some…adventurers during my search for clues regarding my contact, and who exactly killed him. So far, nothing but dead ends, but this …group intrigues me. A Dragonborn,, a Genasi, an Eladrin and half elf. Apparently they were sent here to check on this goblin threat. I decided to insert myself into their group, at a fortuitous time of course. Even more..odd I would say, they really didnt me many questions. All the better. I think I will stay with this group, strength in numbers and all that. That…and profits, well, are good.

Melee #1!

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