Matts Forgotten Realms

Melee #2 (and #3!)

Goblin, goblin, goblin, DIRE RAT!

After explaining the situation to the guard captain and receiving their payment, the party went to rest at the local inn. The next morning, the party woke to go check out the second outpost. The goblins were again, no match for the group as they were destroyed in the ensuing melee. When the basement of the tower was searched by Caenith, he found nothing but smashed wine bottles below. The team headed back to town with the second bag full of ears.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, the group of adventurers took off to the south to find the last outpost. Along the way, they ran into an ambush party of goblins and a dire rat. The Heroes quickly sprang into action and obliterated the opposition, but not before Zarn took some nasty hits. After taking a short rest, the party set off to the south again. When they arrived at the encampment they found many goblins, including a Goblin Hexer (which they fought earlier). Luckily, Le-Lani was fed up with the goblin shenanigans and brought down swift retribution on many of the goblins. The other members played their part as well. Caenith flanked with Zarn to give the dragonborn better advantages and Azariel caused a Goblin Sharpshooter to plummet to his doom from his sniping point atop the last tower.

The loot proved to be great beneath this tower: once again a large stockpile of wine was discovered, but so was a nice magical set of leather armor! The party rejoiced for having such great fortune and returned home. They were rewarded by the guard captain and given medals all around. They were even promised to be kept in mind for future jobs that the guard was unable to take on.

That night, however, the dragonborn paid a visit to his old buddy, the farmer that had his land sacked. Also, Le-lani fetched a listing for a new job for them to take on…



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