Very charismatic tiefling, roughly 6'2 and very lithe, with ruddy reddish skin, very distinct curved horns and a tail that rarely seems to be still. Appears to wear simple leather armor, with a never ending supply of daggers.


Little is publicly or commonly known about Caenith’s history. Most simply know him to be from Baldur’s Gate, though he rarely speaks of his life there, and never seems too interested in returning. Caenith seems to always be looking for the next opportunity, whether it be for financial profit, or some other sort of gain. Caenith has never really relied on many people beyond those whom he knew had specific goals as well, and to date, noone is known to actually be considered a friend to him. Speaking little of his goals, he has rarely ever settled in one place, but always prides himself on knowing the goings on of any location he is in, whether through bribes, flirting,intimidation, or the occasional missing person to ensure he stays informed. Quick to offer a negotiation of some sort before physical violence, when it is needed, he is extremely ruthless when he actually needs to defend himself.

//OOC INFO/// Caenith was “born” on the streets of Baldur’s gate. He never knew either of his parents, and frankly doesnt care to at this point in his life.This also means that it is highly possible that Caenith isnt even his real name. Life was difficult for him early on, his appearance and heritage often causing him issues, though he joined a local , smaller guild in a smaller part of Baldur’s gate and began to learn the skills needed to survive on the harsh streets of the darkest places of the city. During these years he trained hard with a dagger, trying to master the dagger, which he considered to be the perfect weapon, easily concealable, easy to attain, and able to be thrown. Caenith rose quickly in the ranks of the guild, catching the eye of the guildmaster early on. His grasp and natural charisma were seen as great tools to possibly give him better access into the more social areas of Baldur’s Gate. During a potentially enormously lucrative mission something went wrong, and not only did the mission fail, but it ended in the implication of the guildmaster himself. The Guildmaster was furious, ans immediately sought out Caenith to “disuss” things. Understanding that his life was pretty much forfeit in Baldur’s gate at that point Caenith fled, but not before he learned more of a magical item that he was searching for, and followed that trail, stopping at random cities along the way, to hopefully throw off any potential pursuit he would have, or at least maybe throw them off his intent and goals. And so Caenith finds himself in the realm of Auckney, after a long journey across the land, hoping that he has left his past behind him, still in search for the magical item, and with optimism about possibly changing his course in life, to one of a more..beneficial, and heroic style.


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