Phillip Ahriman

A young man whose father is a merchant


Phillip Ahriman leads an enjoyable life: His father, Max Ahriman, owns a scrimshaw wagon and they travel from the north beyond the Spine of the World south to Baulder’s Gate and back over the seasons.

He’s in his early 20’s and he stands right at six feet. His wavy hair is a light sandy blonde and his stubbly facial hair matches it. His eyes are a soft blue and seem to carry mirth within them. Phillip has a lean stature with tone muscles and an easy gait.

Phillip is no stranger to battle. He fights with a longsword and shield and is adept with both. While his father usually hires adventurers to guard his wagon while he makes his travels, Phillip helps out by covering the close defense of the cart, slashing and stabbing at any bandits or monsters that break through the regular guard.

Phillip Ahriman

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