Le-lani stands just under six feet tall and is deceptively strong for her age. In her Firesoul, she has bronze-colored skin and glowing orange energy lines that cover her body. Her eyes match the flames that dance on her head to form her "hair."


Swordmage Lvl 4 (Aegis of Assault) | HP – 47 | AC – 17 (Leather Armor +1, Swordmage Warding)

Str – 19 Con – 14 Dex – 12 Int – 16 Wis – 11 Cha – 10

Saves: Fort – 16 Ref – 16 Will – 14

Bloodclaw Bastard Sword +1 | +10 Atk | 1d10+5 Dmg (1d10+6 if 2Hnd) At-Will – 1HP = +1 Dmg (x2 if 2Hnd) Critical – extra 1d6 Dmg


At-Will – Greenflame Blade, Booming Blade | Utility – Dimensional Warp | Encounter – Flame Cyclone, Sloth Strike | Daily – Whirling Blade


Le-lani is a young Genasi with a penchant for battle. With little patience for negotiations, she is quick to draw her sword. She often finds it difficult to balance her wanting to become an adult with her childish mindset. Because of this, she comes off as naive and very trusting, sooner declaring someone as innocent than guilty. Le-lani feels very passionately about her beliefs and interests, and has a tendancy to fall in and out of “love” easily. (She seems to enjoy the company of older men.) She enjoys friendly competition, especially when fighting is involved, and likes to pick on others. Her moods and personality quirks seem to change depending on her element.

Hailing from the city of Calimport, Le-lani grew by the way of the blade and dabbled in the arcane arts of fire, much like her ancestors before her. She did her best to hone her talents, but always felt a little behind her peers. Upon turning 15, Calimport had little more to offer her. And so, she left her parents’ home and set out along the coast, pausing just long enough in Auckney for fate to grab her hand.

At least, this is what she tells most people. In truth, Le-lani is searching for her beloved grandfather who left Calimport after growing tired of war and the slave trade. Her family turned a blind-eye to his “disappearance,” keeping the truth under wraps to save face. Seven years later, his treasured sword was returned to the family by a messenger from the Janessar (a resistance movement located in the last beacon of hope in Calimshan). It was then that her sights turned to Almraiven. After a year’s preparation, she fled her home and gave up her family name. When her efforts there proved fruitless, she headed up the coast.

Her internal growth has allowed her to discover two new elemental manifestations: wind and water. Her Windsoul appearance is that of sky blue energy lines across silver skin, with light gray clouds that seem to form her “hair.” When manifesting Watersoul, her skin is a deep turquoise with her energy lines taking on a dark blue hue. Her “hair” is formed of water that seems to float around her head.


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